Letter from the Director


It is an honor to serve as the Executive Director for the Collier Mosquito Control District (the District). The District was established in 1950 – (subsequent to a referendum) in accordance with Florida laws – to establish an independent special taxing district with the mission of controlling mosquitoes in Naples.

When established, the Naples Mosquito Control District covered only six square miles of Old Naples. By 1975, the District’s service area had expanded to over 200 square miles. In 1976, legislation was passed to change the name of the organization to the Collier Mosquito Control District. The District currently provides services to citizens within 401 square miles of Collier County, including contracting services to the Ave Maria Stewardship Community District.

Despite considerable change over the years since its inception, the District’s core mission of protecting public health and reducing annoyance caused by mosquitoes with sensitivity towards the environment remains constant.

Within Collier County, there are a variety of privately and publicly owned wetlands where mosquitoes develop and proliferate. These include salt marshes, temporary and permanent freshwater wetlands, and human-made habitats. The District is working to modify the scope of its operations to include a greater emphasis on controlling early-stage and adult mosquitoes within these habitats.

Due to the diversity of habitat and significant mosquito production throughout Collier County and adjacent areas, the control of adult mosquitoes is an essential component of the District’s operations. The District incorporates an extensive surveillance network and conducts adult mosquito control when there is a risk of mosquito transmitted diseases and/or adult mosquitoes are having a significant pestiferous impact on human populations.

Our professional, well-trained staff operates within a precise framework established by our regulators, and carefully incorporates sophisticated application technologies when conducting adult mosquito control.

It is my belief that having well-informed citizens within Collier County is critical to the success of the organization’s mission. Together, we can keep Collier County a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

The District’s website is integral to providing current, accurate information to the public about the nature of and types of service provided. The website includes a mapping feature that provides timely, location specific Treatment Maps. Further, citizens can also Report Mosquitoes to our Operations Department online.

Thank you for your interest in the District. I hope you find our website informative and easy to use. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District directly at (239) 436-1000.

It is a pleasure serving you.

Collier Mosquito Control District Director Patrick Linn | CMCD


Patrick P. Linn, MS, MSHAPI
District Office: 239-436-1000 

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