Controlling Adult Mosquitoes

Our area’s beautiful and unique ecosystem is home to some 51 species of mosquitoes, ranging from coastal salt marsh mosquitoes that can travel up to 40 miles in search of a meal, to abundant freshwater mosquitoes that breed prolifically in standing water left behind from summer rains. The control of all these adult mosquitoes in Collier County can be achieved through aerial or ground-level treatments.

How it Works

To protect against the threat of mosquito-borne disease and to reduce nuisance mosquito populations, the Collier Mosquito Control District follows a comprehensive integrated mosquito management program. When it’s necessary to reduce large populations of adult mosquitoes, the District uses ultra low volume (ULV) aerial treatments. ULV aerial treatments use approximately 1/2 of a shot glass of control material over an area the size of a football field, or .48 ounces per acre.
Aerial control of adult mosquitoes in Collier County by the District | Collier Mosquito Control District
The District’s aircraft are equipped with Micronair rotary atomizers that produce the ULV aerosol. The atomizers release microscopic droplets measured in microns that contact mosquitoes in the air, and the material doesn’t typically make it to the ground. If it does, it quickly dissipates, especially when exposed to sunlight. Aerial treatments are mostly conducted after dark when mosquitoes are most active and other insects are under cover, such as bees, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Applying the material from the air (at an altitude of 300′) allows for treatments of areas that are either inaccessible or too large to be treated effectively from the ground. Aerial applications treat mosquitoes while they are in flight and also provide the ability to treat large populations of mosquitoes at once.


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Controlling Mosquito Larvae

Interrupting the lifecycle of the mosquito is one of the key components in the District’s Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) program. Interrupting the mosquito lifecycle results in fewer flying, biting adult mosquitoes.

Control Materials

We have provided links below to the manufacturers’ product labels of the control materials used by the District.