Mosquitoes hatching in Elsa’s floodwaters: mosquitofish can help

Tropical Storm Elsa left a lot of standing water, so there are more mosquitoes hatching in those waters. Placing a few mosquitofish in large areas of standing water can help reduce the number of mosquitoes.

And the District has free mosquitofish available for Collier County residents.

Getting rid of water in buckets and trashcans is easy. But when ditches and swales fill up, mosquitofish placed in the floodwater will gobble up mosquito larvae hatching there.

These small guppies (Gambusia holbrooki) can each eat about 100 mosquito larvae daily. As a result, there are fewer buzzing, biting mosquitoes.

This page provides more information about the mosquitofish and the form allows residents to request mosquitofish for pick up.

NBC-2 visited recently to learn how mosquitofish can help everyone #FightTheBite and reported this story.

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