Fight the Bite

What you can do to reduce mosquito populations in SW Florida

Mosquito on arm | Collier Mosquito Control District

Now is the time to get in habit: to toss it, tip it or cover it to reduce mosquitoes around your home

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — More than a week has passed since serious storms passed through Southwest Florida, and mosquitoes are taking advantage of water that is still pooled in some areas.

Collier County Mosquito Control has started to spray because the standing water is bringing in mosquitoes. Something as small as a bottle cap filled with water can hold 100 mosquitoes.

Mosquito control crews said that they’re doing their part in prevention by spraying a mist of larval material and are asking the community to do theirs.

“You could have items around your home that have water in them and mosquitoes could easily be breeding,” Robin King of Collier County Mosquito Control said. “It only takes 5 days in our heat and humidity for mosquito eggs to hatch into flying biting adults.”

People who want to decrease the number of mosquitoes in their yard should dump out any standing water.

Also, be sure to protect yourself with bug spray and long sleeved clothing year-round.